We have been busy preparing and looking forward to your visit. Allow us to refresh you with cool water and let us break bread.

Our delicious homemade bread is baked fresh daily from a unique flour mixture, our own recipe based on Pannonian tradition dating back thousands of years. Its soul is the yeast, born in our hands from grape seeds and grape skin. Week to week, month to month, we care for our own yeast, the magic of life. We feel a special bond to it, it has become part of the family, just as important as the hand that kneads our bread.

To complement our bread, we offer fresh, homemade butter. We make it ourselves from fresh cream and all we add is a touch of salt.

Our fresh, pure water is the essence of life. Carefully cleaned and filtered, we bottle it ourselves. Simple, refreshing, invigorating, and most importantly, served with love.

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